The Luzón Foundation is starting a series of projects and initiatives with a view to finding short, medium and long term solutions to the three strategic plans of action:

– Social and medical awareness.


– Improvements to diagnosis and clinical, healthcare and home treatment.


– Promoting applied or translational research into ALS.

Resonance is an awareness raising platform dealing with its systemic knowledge, the dimensions of its reality and its different needs and challenges
This initiative, Social Resonance, is designed to be a platform to take care of the special needs of those with ALS, their carers and relatives from a social point of view
We want to make the task of making accessible, appetising recipes easy and not just nutritionally appropriate
There is no systematic scientific study researching the nutritional needs of ALS patients
We want to offer the National ALS Community a register showing at a local, geographical and population level the information about those affected by ALS, key in terms of the development of a National ALS Community
“The information about the different research teams working on ALS in Spain at the moment is very piecemeal”

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