Research into ALS, the key to improving its treatment and to finding a cure, is currently hampered by a lack of investment and those affected suffer from the lack of a comprehensive clinical treatment, reduced welfare and social support as well as a poor understanding of the condition on the part of society in general

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The information about the different research teams working on ALS in Spain at the moment is very piecemeal

Understanding the nutritional needs There is no systematic scientific study researching the nutritional needs of ALS patients
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ALS Testimonies
We, the patients and our families should be at the centre of the ALS community. See all the testimonies
The Foundation We are bringing together all the efforts in the fight against ALS Initiatives to raise awareness in society, to improve the diagnoses and treatment, developing research
Collaboration We want to build an ALS Community so that all those involved in the fight against the condition can work together
"What I miss most is being able to kiss my loved ones" "With ALS you never know because its origin, evolution and pace of development is different in each case and can never be predicted" "We need a critical mass of experts and more research to be able to speed up diagnoses" "ALS has turned me into a rebel, I want to defeat this disease" "The hardest thing about this disease is in your soul"